About me

Hi Friends! This is Bhuvana Raghav.

Welcome to my space ! Thanks for dropping by and spending time to know about me !  

I am a country loving Indian (Tamizhachi) with a mind that never sleeps. I thought it would be helpful to share with you some of the things I have learnt and still learning in how to set up a successful kitchen. Its really hard to introduce ourselves because we know everything about us, but don’t know where and how to start. Let me try . . .

I am born and brought up in Trichy (a district in Tamilnadu.) I completed my Masters in Business and worked as a Banker. I got married to Mr.Raghavendran, an Engineer working in Qatar. I quit my job and started life here in Gulf.

My husband Raghav is the source of my constant support and helping me in all spheres of my life. He encouraged me literally in everything I do. Because of him only all this had happened. On feb 2017 we are blessed with a cute angel Sai Nithara. She gave a meaning to my life.

Not too long ago, cooking was somewhat of a pain for me. I was in a state that I don’t know anything about kitchen. Cooking first appeared in my life only after my marriage. I was left alone in the kitchen when we shifted to Qatar.

My mom is from karaikudi and has been my wiki for everything under the sky. My Mother – in – law is an excellent cook and knows a variety of cuisines. I have to thank my sister Raji who first taught me many basic recipes after marriage. My inspiration was my Vasantha athai, a famous cook in karaikudi. I also thank my fellow bloggers who helped me to learn the art.

Becoming a good cook is not going to happen overnight. However,one who has drive will easily succeed. This blog is particularly for freshers to help them from future headaches and show how interesting the cooking is. . .I hope to provide you with valuable information and help in your endeavors. If you are ready to read and make a change in your life plz go ahead. 

I welcome comments and conversations. Visit me at raghavscookery@gmail.com  and the links below if you wanna be friends.